Friday, July 01, 2011

What Are YOU Doing to Stand Out?

Hi Everyone!

For the Canadians out there, HAPPY CANADA DAY! For the Americans, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY on Monday... And for our International friends, HAPPY WEEKEND!

I'm not sure if you watch So You Think You Can Dance, but there are some REALLY talented, unique dancers this year. The couple in the video below, Melanie and Marko are AMAZING. This was one of my fav's this week choreographed by NappyTabs.


I know, right? All that emotion. All that vulnerability. They are amazing dancers. They STAND OUT.

So, I'm wondering what can WE do to make our writing stand-out? I came up with a little list. Feel free to add to it!

  • Make your words count every time. Don't cop-out just to get to the next scene.
  • Be RAW.
  • Make that emotion shine. Be AUTHENTIC.
  • Show your VULNERABILITY.
  • Be HONEST. Always. The reader will know if you're faking it.
  • Be unique. Your VOICE is what makes you STAND OUT. Hone it. Use it. Know it like you know yourself.
  • Listen to what others say, but make up your own mind. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Trust your gut.
  • Be HUMBLE. Always and Often. It will only help you.

Have anything to add?

That's my time. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend full of fun and sunshine ;o)

<3 Er

erica m. chapman is a YA writer by night, workin' for the cause by day. Fan of football, especially Lions and Michigan. She loves alternative music, Foo Fighters, animals, reading, golf and playing her guitar. She resides in Michigan where she sits quietly typing her next story on her macbook in her Detroit Lions Snuggie. You can also find her at


  1. Holy crap, I really wish I could watch channel two (FOX). Back when I had a TV I watched SYTYCD and I predicted Jeanine would win the moment I saw her audition.

    You're right, Melanie and Marko are standouts. I hope we can get our books to have that kind of passion in them!

    You've given us some great tips, Erica! Thanks!

  2. I loved Jeanine!! Oh yeah, there are some really great dancers this year!! Aw, thanks! Me too!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this show! We DVR it and watch it when we get a moment. I haven't caught up on the episodes yet, but I love it. Those guys are amazing!

    Love what you had to say about standing out. Such a great consideration. It's not enought just to write a book that makes sense--not even enough just to write a good one. Stand out, dang it--write a dang good one! Put everything you have into it.

  4. I know, the show is AMAZING! I always look forward to it ;o)

    Thank you! Yes, it's not enough. We are not entitled to get our books published, we have to write great books first!! Stand out ;o)

  5. Wonderful tips for standing out. I need to work on that. :D