Saturday, January 15, 2011

Introducing: DIANA

Hi! I’m Diana and I write YA. Here are some basic facts about me: I live in Southern California but I grew up in Miami. I fall in love with book-crushes but am happily married. I started college at Cal State Northridge but graduated from Cal State San Marcos. I like baking but hate to cook... and......I’m a recovering ellipses-abuser! I gush over things I love, I kill plants and goldfish, I adore speaking Spanish, I’m completely addicted to reading; I'm also addicted to caffeine and refined sugar. And probably my phone.

I'm so excited to be working with the other DNAwriters; be sure to check out everyone else's books and bios too!
Twists of Fate (Rhemalda Publishing, April 2013)- YA Paranormal
Sixteen-year-olds Julia and Angie are mastering the magic of their inheritance, but their time as Daughters of Fate is running out. They must seal their magic with the final Daughter to keep their powers, but when she turns out to be Kaitlyn, the vicious school snob, an irreversible life seal doesn’t sound so great. The lure of their magic, however, becomes impossible to resist. After the seal is complete, their destiny as the protectors of time is revealed--a destiny Kaitlyn refuses to accept.
Other Interests-

young adult, fantasy, romance, historical, paranormal, mythology, classics

alternative, dance, hip-hop and R&B, spanish balladas, rock en español, musicals, classical

And also...
going to the beach, baking cookies and eating them warm, thunderstorms, airplane trips, bonfires, tiny-fluffy dogs, Disney anything, lurking on Twitter, swooning over books.
I make lists. That's something you all should know. Also, I enjoy randomness. Which reminds me...

My List of Five Favorite Things

1. Authors- Laura Kinsale, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Judy Blume, Charles Dickens

2. Bands/Musicians- Linkin Park, Foo Fighters (hi5 Erica!), Cascada, Chayanne, Timbaland (and The Fray and OneRepublic and Carolina Liars--I can't just keep it to five!! #cheater)

3. Food- Ridiculously sweetened beverages (especially coffee), bacon-pineapple pizza, orange chicken over vegetable lo mein, carne asada nachos with loads of cheese, caramel brownie sundae when the ice cream is half melted and the caramel is hot.

4. TV Shows- Most HBO miniseries, stand up comedy, documentaries, Punky Brewster (she was my hero when I was a kid!), and I can't think of a fifth!

5. Movies- Slumdog Millionaire, Stardust, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars, Easy A (and Enchanted and Pirates of the Caribbean! #morethanfive #suchacheater)
That's plenty from me for a first post. Thanks for reading! ;)


  1. Suzanne Collins isn't on that list???? ;o)

    And nice to meet you!!! hehe

    #FoobaConJace for-EVAH

  2. This is so cool! I didn't know you guys were doing something like this! I'll be back for more!

  3. Stewie is on our blog.

    Well, might as well pack it in, our work here is done.

  4. Janelle, hahaha I love so many authors I don't know how I limited it to five!!

    Erica, #FoobaConJace all the way!! Woot hi5!!

    Dana, I look forward to seeing you, and thanks!! It IS cool!

    Cass, hehehe yup, Stewie is here. I almost put up Quagmire! (giggity)