Monday, June 27, 2011

Writing Journey Tourniquet - letting go of your pride

I've been told *stares at hubby sitting at the desk beside me* that I'm stubborn. I remember when I first picked up writing again. I was scared to hear what others had to say about my writing. I misunderstood their part in my writing journey. I could have held on to that stubborn pride and kept the feeling that criticism was a personal attack on my abilities. Thankfully, I didn't.

When I embraced other views on my work and ignored my fears, I opened up a world of possibilities for growth. The path I've trailed is now longer, and the one ahead seems daunting, but I take each step with the knowledge that one day I will make it to the crest. Each step to that place has taught me so much, and I'm extremely grateful to those who have helped me get to the point I'm at today.

The early days of my journey--writing by myself, not showing my work to other writers, and avoiding any criticism--were such a struggle. If I knew then what I now know today, I would have let others read my stuff and kick the crap out of it for me, giving a fresher view on my work. It's when you tear things a part, and then put it together with fresher ideas, the magic shines. Your critique buddies find the errors of your ways, while your beta readers find the holes in your story. Embrace their views. Take every comment into consideration and don't take it personally. Don't shut yourself off from other writers. Reach out. Accept critique. And then, pass it on.

That's it until next time. Virtual hugs for all my writing buddies. I <3 you all!

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