Friday, October 07, 2011

What's Your Dream?

I hope you are all doing well!!

Dreams. We all have them. Not the kind you have when you sleep (although, we have them, too, most of us) the kind that keeps you getting up in the morning...

For me, there's nothing more awesome than someone realizing their dream. AND all of us witnessing it. I've been watching X Factor, and I can't help but to relate to these regular people of all ages trying to make it in the world with a dream and not much else. It's inspiring. Ol' Josh below is a burritto slinger. Yes, that's what he does. AND now he's a star. His rendition of Etta James' At Last was Ah-Mazing. You can see his dream unfolding as he belts out those notes.

My dream? As much as I'd love to sing in front of millions of people (and I would) I'd like to write books and have others read them, and love them. I want to help my friends capture their dreams, too. I also want to believe in myself and work hard enough to make my dreams real.

One of my favorite quotes is, "Dreams aren't perfect. They come true, not free."

So. What's your dream?

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

erica m. chapman is a YA writer by night, workin' for the cause by day. Fan of football, especially Lions and Michigan. She loves alternative music, Foo Fighters, animals, reading, golf and playing her guitar. She resides in Michigan where she sits quietly typing her next story on her macbook in her Detroit Lions Snuggie. You can also find her at

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  1. My dream is to meet you someday. Awww, isn't that sweet? Great post! <3