Monday, April 18, 2011


Time. It's a slippery bugger, isn't it? Since I've been back to work, I have a new view about time. There never is enough of it. I seem to be harried for every little second of the day. When I do get the time to just sit and write, my head is full of all the other things I should be doing that I can't focus on the task at hand. And it is in this moment of my life that I realize that I must learn to control the clock.

So I decided, for the first time in my writer life, to create a schedule. Every morning I wake up at 7am, throw on my sweats, grab a cup of coffee, and read blogs. I then go for a hike, and when I return, the race to get ready and get to work starts. At my part time temporary position, I get buried under a ton of work that should be done by a full time employee, which I must complete within a limited time. I return home, make dinner, eat, and then sit down to write, or rather stare at the screen, my muse held under arrest by my tired brain. After hours of, um, writing, I snuggle in bed and read. Sometimes I wonder when one of the eggs in my basket will fall to the floor and break (cue cool picture with broken egg).

Of course, there are the times when family and friends come into play. I just release the schedule and give that time to those I love who need it. My weekends are basically a free for all. I just go with it, taking every minute I can to write and visit friends on the social networks. Mine is a very loose schedule, but I hate having constraints and I can't wait until I"m finished working and back at home with more time for writing and reading.

So, help me out. How do you schedule in your writing time?

That's it until next time.

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  1. Ya know. I just write every night and read in bulk. I don't read and write at the same time. It's too hard, cause I get kind of obsessed with books. Surprise. Ha. I also have to practice my guitar and golf starts up in a couple weeks. I guess I just lose sleep... If you figure out how to juggle it all, let me know ;o) Seems like you're doing pretty dang well!

  2. I'm very haphazard when it comes to organizing my time. Today, I wrote almost the entire day and am still switching back and forth between social media & the manuscript, lol!
    Unless I am on a deadline for a publisher, I spend way too much time on FB, Twitter, etc., unless again, like today, when I have a major breakthrough and the urge to work drives me. I too would love to hear how other people break up and utilize their time to accomodate writing w/"real" life! I need structure desperately!

  3. Wow, that's great that you started a schedule! My writing schedule revolves around when the kids aren't home, and how much sleep I need!! Great post, Brenda. :)

  4. Thanks, guys! I'm trying but struggling. Now if I can only focus. ;(

  5. Take a power nap, maybe? Twenty minutes can do wonders.

    Just stick to it, eventually your brain will start to realize that that time is meant to be productive and creative and it'll get with the picture. Push yourself and be sure to keep that mind active!